Premium Sturgeon Caviar

Our caviar

Caviar Deluxe is the top of the top due to:

  • Pure artesian water that is taken from artesian drill of 150 m deep for both sturgeon caviar production. Completely free of heavy metals, radionuclide, pesticides, dioxins and other by-products of modern human life, which surrounds all of us in everyday day life.
  • No antibiotics are used due to fish tanks being concealed in the building from a environment impact on the livelihood of fish. No need to treat the fish due to absence of flying birds which transport diseases in nature.
  • Crystal clean pure caviar without any preservatives or any other chemicals that found in the caviar from other producers.
  • Always fresh caviar, unlike other producers who produce caviar only once in a Spring and Autumn, Caviar Deluxe is producing it everyday throughout the whole year, so on the Christmas Eve caviar will be as fresh as on the Easter Holiday.
  • Perfect texture and taste that has been reached by the know-how and the care caviar.

Natural black caviar from Europe

Without GMO and nitrates

Russian Tradition

45€ (60g)

Russian Tradition Osetra Caviar is vacuum-sealed in glass jars soon after it’s harvested for a 100% legal and sustainable luxury food product. The eggs in our Russian Tradition Caviar are harvested from the same fish as our Finest Caviar Osetra and offer fresh taste and firmness, but with traditional Russian touch. Suited for daily use, this product is designed for those used to Russian caviar traditions.

Sturgeon Caviar

60€ (100g)

Treat your palate to the subtle taste of Sturgeon Caviar, harvested by the experts at Caviar Deluxe. To create traditional black caviar with a light, subtle taste that’s unforgettable, we’ve paid strict attention to every detail from the pure artesian water in our fish tanks to the thermo-coolers used for delivery to our customers. When your caviar arrives, it will look and taste as fresh as the day it was harvested.

This culinary delight is produced by the very same fish used in our more expensive caviar, but there may be some small variation in egg shape or colour. The flavour profile and processing method is exactly the same making this product a brilliant compromise between quality and value.

Russian Caviar in 250g

Russian Caviar in 250g
150€ (250g)

Russian Caviar in 500g

Russian Caviar in 500g
300€ (500g)

Classical jewel of pleasure for those who is used to the traditional taste and want exactly that. It has an addictive taste that is so much loved and cherished by all caviar lovers.

  • Slight taste of fresh water fish
  • 3.2% salt
  • Fresh
  • +- 2,8mm grain size
  • From light grey to black color

For wholesalers, distributors, restaurants and partners, wholesale prices on request

Our farm

SIA Caviar Deluxe was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture. It utilises a closed-recirculating system of its own design, making the process of growing fish and processing it: ecological, sustainable, fish and environmentally.

Technology that is being used, has been designed in the beginning of 1990’s in Astrakhan, capital of Russian caviar production. It has been evolving ever since to keep up with the time and a new methodology.

Numerous patents allow SIA Caviar Deluxe to have the most sophisticated closed recalculation systems.

The team is comprised of professionals with 40 year experience in fish production. The leading biologists finished Soviet institute in Astrakhan with a specialisation in sturgeon fish farming.

In 2007, SIA Caviar Deluxe had received a caviar for the first time and thus laid the foundation to Caviar Deluxe.

Private Label

We offer you mutually beneficial cooperation! Contractual production it is possibility to produce production under your label using our production capacities. We guarantee quality of the ingredients and original recipes.

Private Label spread all over the world and proved its efficiency.

Sale of the production is organised by cooperation of two organisations: our company and you — who sales products under your own label.

This cooperation is economically beneficial for the two contractors. You will get profitable product without any additional marketing costs. Thus, Private Label provides you with competitive black caviar brand.

Certificate of quality


We arrange delivery your caviar in fully insulated thermo boxes designed to prevent damage, with temperature control, so that the caviar is always fresh and ready to serve.

We carry out Express delivery to the EU countries only for 48 hours after receipt. Delivery around the world 3-4 working days.


Please contact us for purchase of bulk grained black caviar, distribution and cooperation using the form.